Comprehensive rent management

Excellent investment opportunity

We offer a 5-7.25% guaranteed yield to our investors, which can be increased up to 12% with revenue sharing!*

Make the most of your new apartment by renting it out! Whether you want to let your apartment for a short or a long period, you can rely on Biggeorge Serviced Apartments to take the burden off your shoulders.

Our future investors can choose one of the following two different constructions:

1) When choosing a guaranteed return on the rental, based on the type of the apartment and the term of the contract, we offer a yield of 5,25-7% for our investors.
2) In a construction based on reckoning, in addition to the guaranteed return and proportionally to the rental frequency of the apartment, the investor also gets 70% of the extra income reduced with the further operational costs, which might even reach a profit equal to a yield of 12%.

When designing the flats of City Collection, one of the important aspects was turning the building into an effectively manageable apartment house offering accommodations to rent for short and long term.

By closing a contract with Biggeorge Serviced Apartments you can get rid of the burden. Whether it is about the practical tasks related to the rental – like welcoming the customers and cleaning – or preserving the value of the property, the constructions we offer take care of every detail. Besides the full management, we developed a three-level insurance system for our investors, which guarantees the lasting value of the real estate, while we even undertake the costs arising from incidental damages instead of them.


The growth of inbound tourism in Budapest has exceeded the European average in the past years. This tendency was set off by the development of global economy and the growth of low cost airlines’ capacity after the bankruptcy of Malév, the Hungarian airline. Furthermore due to the rearrangement from hotels to apartments on the global market. The further intensification of inbound tourism can be expected in the upcoming years as well, now fostered by low fuel costs and flight prices. In this global environment the center of Budapest has a unique position profiting from the growing popularity and accessibility of the country and the city. Moreover, it is important to notice that besides the individual apartments fulfilling the needs of niche markets, only those ”houses” or organizations have a raison d’etre on the competitive online market, which, additionally to the appropriate economies of scale are also able to provide excellent quality to their guests.

* The description above does not qualify as a business proposal. The detailed list of conditions are included in the rental contract to be closed with Biggeorge Serviced Apartments Ltd.